Silicone Nipple Cover Self Adhesive Breast Invisible Bra Pad Patch Oval Shape

Product Code: SI-NI-CO-OV
Template By Froo! Silicone Nipple Cover Self Adhesive Breast InvisiblemBra Pad Patch Petal Shape Powered by
Self Adhesive Breast Nipple Oval Shape
Pasties Cover Reusable Invisible
Bra Pad

Product features: Th...
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Self Adhesive Breast Nipple Oval Shape
Pasties Cover Reusable Invisible
Bra Pad

Product features: The covers are self adhesive, washable and reusable. It is a perfect choice for a smooth look with or without your bra, especially when wearing summer skirts or figure-hugging dress,back-
revealing dress,tights and swimming dress,est. Once you put on nipple covers, you don't have to worry about your nipples showing thru your clothes. The good part is that it is reusable many times. These nipple covers are the right products for the problem of the
g irls peeking out.

· Fits all - 6 - 7 cm in diameter
· Washable and reusable
· Seamless, ultra smooth, invisible under clothing
· Made from silicone gel with self-adhesive
backing for secure and comfortable fit

How to apply:
1 . Clean your nipples with soap and water.
2. Make sure the area is dry and do not use any moisturizers before applying.
3. Remove the plastic from the back of The Silicone Stick on Nipple Cover and apply
into your nipples.
4. It is advisable to remove your Silicone Stick on Nipple Cover at the end of the day.

How to clean :

1. Always wash straight after use.
2. Gently hand wash with soap and lukewarm water. Do not leave to soak in water.
3. Leave Nipple Covers to air-dry.
4. When dry the self-adhesive regenerates making the nipple covers perfect to wear again.
5. Finally, make sure the Nipple Covers backing sheet is replaced, dust will reduce the adhesive’s effectiveness.


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